May 04

Will Training Using Intervals Target Your Abdominal Flab?

Training Using Intervals Target Your Abdominal Flab

There is study turns out that training using intervals will target your abdominal flab directly. This means that if you are going to shrink the size of your waist you’ll need to stop wasting all your time on crunches and sit-ups. Because you don’t have to spend as much time working out with intervals as you did doing traditional cardio, interval training coincidentally offers the additional benefits of giving you time back to your life.

In that study took some people doing twenty minutes of intervals three times a week and others forty minutes of traditional aerobic exercises three times a week. After a fifteen week period, when it was all over, the group that did intervals was the one that showed some fat loss, especially around the stomach area.

What this study say that to target your abdominals you have to do interval workouts. My opinion is intervals just happen to be the best technique of reducing flab all over the body: it just so happens it has a targeting effect in the abs. When we say that targeted fat burning provides no benefit we mean that movements like crunches aren’t going to get the job done.

The theory was that the extra workout would target the one arm for fat burn because it worked more. The study concluded that there was not fat benefit to the arm that worked more. The underlying claim here is that you burn fat from your abs by working your legs.

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