Apr 30

The Real Solution To Lose Body Fat

Aspects of Diet That Help to Get Lean and Abs

Many people approach to lose body fat and fitness with great enthusiasm and determination.  They lose body fat and feel great, but even so, they just do not seem to get rid of all fat they want to. They lose fat successfully for a time, but ultimately get stuck just before all of the fat is completely gone.

Everybody has an abundance of fat cells throughout their bodies. A healthy adult with normal body composition has approximately 30 billion fat cells. Fat cells are part of our genetic code and they allowed us to use stored energy when food was scarce. When you consume too many calories, your body goes into storage mode. So your body simply stores those extra calories as fat. When you eat less calories then your body demands your cells release stored fat for energy. 

Men tend to store their body fat around their bellies and chest. Women tend to store it around there hips, buttocks, thighs and back of their arms. When old habits take over again, the body fat comes back with a vengeance. This is due to programming of the fat cell. Each time you try to lose body fat again, it seems to take longer and require more effort.

The real solution to lose body fat is simple. You must understand how fat cells work and how to defeat this last bit of body fat. Stubborn fat develops when your hormonal pathways are broken down. Fat deposits increase and become more resistant to fat loss methods as you get older.

Losing weight on crash diets and then regaining it will increase stubborn fat in the long run. People who crash diet on low calories and refuse to exercise and move their bodies, often have the worst stubborn fat problems of all. A decrease in exercise and activity level also compounds the stubborn fat problem.

Stubborn fat is metabolized extremely slowly and is resistant to the hormonal process that takes place while the fat burning process is started up. To lose body fat is not nearly as simple as just slashing calories and dieting. You need to understand the deeper issues you are really dealing with. You need to know What’s The Best Way Burn Belly Fat ? Do understand the other variables in the equation – exercise and lifestyle.

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