Apr 20

The Magic Formula for Burning Belly Fat

ormula for Burning Belly Fat

A lot of people with a big belly take up with a lot of determination hoping that every new series or set of exercises will help them for burning belly fat and adipose tissue around their waist. When we refer to the burn of the subcutaneous adipose tissue, we will only fortify the muscles under the fat, but the reduction of the fat itself will be insignificant. No matter how much we strive to locate effort in the areas we are focused on.

For getting to the deposits of fat, what we need is cardio training. This type of exercises must be maintained for a long time (45-60 minutes) and they must be intense (60-70% from the maximum of heart rhythm). Physical exercises like sit-ups, crunches, etc., without other exercises that involve bigger groups of muscles (thighs, chest, and back) and to fortify the abdominal muscles, do not increase very much the basic metabolic rate.

Indirect burning of calories (during breaks, post-training) is very small in comparison with the burning due to aerobic effort during effort taking more than 20 minutes; the energetic support is exactly the adipose tissue.

A very important role in burning fat is held by the diet. A diet which maintains caloric deficit, but keeps a balanced proportion of the basic principles (proteins, lipids, blood sugar), with a slight increase of the protein part, will always have as a consequence losing weight. The magic formula for burning belly fat is a combination of hypo caloric diet and exercise especially aerobic.

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