Apr 29

Swiss Ball Is a Powerful Training Tool

Swiss Ball Is a Powerful Training ToolSwiss ball is a powerful training tool. many fitness experts placed the swiss ball up on a pedestal as the end-all be-all of abdominal, core and fitness training, rather than representing the ball as  a single training tool among many other fitness equipment such as barbells, dumbbells, cables.  

Actually, entire training systems were built around the swiss ball neglecting other forms of training, and people misused and overused the ball. Some trainers used the ball for exercises that were nothing more than circus acts. The versatility of the Swiss ball is simply unmatched. It can be used to help a professional boxer to build stamina and add power to his punches. Also it can be used to help a 65 year old sedentary woman overcome muscle weakness and improve balance.  

The swiss ball improves the level of muscular activity as well as the co-recruitment of spinal stabilizers. You can do your crunches on a swiss ball. The swiss ball crunch (unstable surface) effectively recruits more muscle fiber than the floor crunch (stable surface). This leads to greater strength, stability and muscle development in your core region.

Performing the curl over the gym ball with the feet on the floor doubled activity in the rectus abdominis muscle, and activity in the external oblique muscle increased approximately fourfold. The high on back position is easier, while the ball lower on the back is more difficult, accommodating for different strength and fitness levels. This reveals how the ball is a versatile tool for exercise progression.

The swiss ball is only a tool. It is one of many training tools. It’s not the core training. It will also not burn fat off your stomach. Swiss ball is one of the best of the bunch if it used properly. Use the ball as one part of a balanced training program that includes other tools such as free weights, cables and your own body weight.

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