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Quick Fat Burn Workout

Quick Fat Burn Workout

If you think there’s no chance in your day for a quick workout, you have to think again. What you’re going to have is a ten minute break in order to get some fat burn under way. The first step for quick fat burn workout is to decide on the most profitable movements to use that will get you the most bang for your buck. You will find out that a quality routine can be done anywhere at any time even if you’re at home.

Just look at your day and see where you can get ten minutes to do a quick fat burn and you’ll be on your way to fat burn and  a better body. If you are willing to work harder for a shorter period of time, you will get results that are a lot better than what you’d ever think. You can burn fat without doing any cardiovascular routines at all.

Keep in mind this theory: get your metabolic rate up and you can burn more calories in the same amount of time. Now let’s go to quick fat burn workout. It is ten minutes of fitness that will help you reach your fitness goals.

Body weight series

One: Prison squatting.

Two: The Push up.

Three: Pull ups or inverse body rowing.

For each of these movements, get at least ten reps accomplished. Keep doing this for a ten minute period.

Try a DB mega set. If you don’t have DBs, just use the body’s weight.

Again, you’ll be doing ten reps each without any breaks until you’ve completed the entire cycle.

One: DB splitting squat.

Two: Declining push up

Keep cycling through these until your ten minute period is exhausted.


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