May 05

Interval Training Will Make You a Winner

Interval Training Will Make You a WinnerMany people are surprised to find out that the cardio routines they are doing not the real solution to lose belly fat. They have to learn to change their workout habits to accommodate interval training. Interval training where the intensity of movement alternates between hard and recovery rates is the most effective way to burn fat and target abdominal fat.

You need to do intensity-based interval workouts combined with a strength training program to get the most effective workout for fitness and lose belly flab. Many people spend an hour or more everyday trying to lose belly flab with traditional cardio, but getting no results. If you’ve been used to doing cardio for a long time, you will start to see results quickly,

Interval workouts might require a little more hard work, but they curt your workout time to less than half an hour on only three days of the week. One of the most important things is to begin your first five mins with a sequence of drills that will warm you up in preparation for an interval session.  Then do some megasets with strength training by performing multi joint routines that will boost your metabolic rate.

Then you will finalize your session with about twenty minutes of intervals where you alternate between intensity and rest. You should do a cool down routine before you quit. By comparing a complete workout of three quarters three times a week to do cardio workouts every day for longer than that, you’ll see that intervals and resistance combine to make you a winner.

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