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How to Lose Stubborn Fat

How to Lose Stubborn Fat
There are a lot of reasons that make your fat stubborn. But here’s a basic run down of what makes stubborn fat so hard to get rid of:

1. Your fat isn’t stubborn yet if you’re grossly overweight. Most people won’t encounter real stubborn fat until they’re at least 10% body fat (men) or 15% body fat (women)… then certain areas like the lower stomach for men and the legs for women seem to be extra stubborn to burn.

Women gain stubborn fat in their hips, butts and legs while men get a lot of it around their waists

2. Blood flow areas storing calories don’t get as much blood flow as areas where you easily burn away fat.

3. The lower body (women) and stomach (men) stubborn fat cell areas have higher levels of the bad kind of adrenoceptors–the kind that blocks fat burning and blood flow (which makes it harder to burn fat in these areas).

How to Lose Stubborn Fat?

1. Stubborn fat shows how stubborn it is when you’ve already lost a lot of weight… when you’re already down to a generally low body fat level… and it’s just “those last couple pounds!” So what you have to remember is that it will eventually come off, but it’s going to take time.

If you keep working 1% towards your goal every single day, then you’re 7% ahead at the end of the week, 30% ahead at the end of the month, and over 300% further in your goal by the end of the year! Small actions each day really build up over time.

2. The worse thing you could do is to just give up on your diet totally because you’re not seeing fast enough results. There are certain fat loss benefits to making sure you have “feed” days and “cheat” days in your diet to avoid stagnation and avoid your metabolism slowing down.

In the meantime, keep eating clean, follow the The Perfect Muscle Building, Fat Burning Diet Plan and you should still be seeing progress.

3.  The more you’re dieting, the fewer calories you’re eating. Your lean muscle is essential to your health and you want to ensure you’re burning away fat when you diet and not your hard-earned muscle.

So keep strength training because this will give your body the excuse it needs to preferentially hold onto lean muscle and burn away fat first.

4. Interval training is the best, you know that by now. You should totally stick in these ways and there’s a time and place for everything. Interval training sessions can be especially useful when you’re trying to remove those last few pounds and fighting stubborn fat. So if you’re going to add to your cardio then I recommend you do it in that way.

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