Jun 19

How To Get Bottom Abs?

How To Get Bottom Abs?
How To Get Bottom Abs? It is a common question from many subscribers.

Getting bottom abs is usually a chore for most guys. That’s why they’re so desirable. Everyone has different muscle structure on their abs. so everyone’s abs will look different when they’re “cut up”.

It’s this lower ab area where most men hormonally store the most fat and also it’s the last place they lose the fat! See How to Reduce Lower Abdominal Fat?

But as far as exercises to build the lower abs, you can do no better than hanging leg raises.

Losing fat is the most important to get bottom abs. Even if you have really muscular lower abs, you’ll never see them if you don’t get rid of the fat around your midsection. So to do this, remember the three keys to losing fat for life:

    – Strength Training …
    – Control Your Diet …
    – Interval Training for extra fat burning (Interval Training Will Make You a Winner).

Lastly — Patience, Commitment and Consistency Are Key

You’ll probably start seeing some upper ab definition as soon as you get around 12-15% bodyfat (for men).But those pesky lower abs won’t really come in until you’re down around 10% or lower.

It just takes time! I know it’s not sexy, but the most important part about getting those lower abs is to just keep at it. Keep doing what you’re doing if it’s burning away fat. Keep controlling your diet. Keep strength training. Keep doing cardio and eventually, they’ll start to show.

One thing to look forward to in the meantime: the “sexy” V-lines going down your hips. This sounds kind of stupid, but I know lots of women who think these are sexier than even a full six/eight pack.

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