Apr 26

Belly Fat Can Be Deadly

Belly Fat Can Be Deadly

Belly fat – which refers largely to visceral fat, not just the subcutaneous fat below your skin – has been associated in recent years with all kinds of health problems ranging from heart disease, to strokes to diabetes.

Fat can be cosmetically frustrating, but belly fat can be deadly. Understanding how to beat belly fat will helps to understand the genetically engineered reasons that we store body fat.

Men store most of it in their belly, while women store fat in their hips and thighs. Women store body fat in the lower body because of childbirth and hormonal reasons. After menopause when hormones change women also tend to begin storing more fat in the abdominal region. The main reason why we get belly fat is caloric excess.  So we have to look at how much you’re eating every day first.

The other reason is reduced exercise. In today’s modern technologically advanced society, we do not work like our grandparents did. Also, we are much more stressed. Because of the nature of stress hormones such as cortisol, combined with metabolic syndrome, excess insulin and insulin resistance that are the common result of sedentary lifestyle combined with refined foods, the caloric surplus is stored as visceral body fat and our bellies begin to bulge.

 It can lead to more health problems than you ever thought. There are many studies show that fat that builds up in the abdomen is much more likely to cause diabetes and heart disease.

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