Jun 23

Advices To Any Woman Who Wants To Look SEXY!

Advices To Any Woman Who Wants To Look SEXY!If you’re a woman and you want to look sexy, you need to do strength training! Specifically, you gotta squat and deadlift. Overhead presses or benching for the upper body.

Take up squats and deadlifts! Because your legs, thighs, hips and butt are going to look toned, tight and awesome afterwards!

Baby, take a look around you next time you’re at the gym. How many of those same guys do you see come into the weight room day after day. They never get any bigger?

They all want to get “Bulky” and they can’t even do while trying. Do you really think you’re going to gain 20 pounds of muscle and turn into the Hulk just because you picked up a weight or two?

Just keep the reps and sets low and the weight high. Don’t drink too much milk a day and at the most you’ll gain 2-5 pounds of muscle you already had (and in the right places I might add — the aforementioned butt region!)

– If you’re naturally thick, the best thing you can do is to strength train

– If you want “Core Training”? There is nothing better than deadlifts and squats!

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